In the recent years, the aviation industry has seen a lot of changes, mostly for the better. If you do wish to become a pilot in the 21st century, then you should be ready for some change- and we thought we should be updating you about the same.

In the earlier days, almost all of the commercial pilots had their training in the military- because getting the training in the civilian programs used to be very expensive. In the 21st century, the system has actually changed a lot. Now the only way to be a commercial pilot is to get yourself enrolled in a flight school. With the huge range of competition in the aviation industry the rules have changed drastically and the changes are all for the betterment of the aviation sector.

Now we will talk about the aviation industry of India and how it has changed over the years

In India, there is an ever increasing population and so is the demand for jobs- even thought there is an economical growth as well. Right now, India has secured the 9th rank in the market of aviation. There are a number of government initiatives so that gradually India can soar up to be the 3rd rank in the industry of aviation. That is why there are a lot of aviation training institutes coming up.

What are the aviation trends that can boost your career in the best possible manner?

According to the recent research, the working mechanism of the Indian Aviation industry is boosted up, and by 2019, it is going to be the third best in the world as well. There are going to be 18 new airports in the nation and a considerable number of increase in aeroplanes. The places where the airports are going to be created are Navi Mumbai, Karnataka, Durgapur, Goa and so on. Also there are some plans being made of creating some low cost airports as well as low cost flights so that a plain ride can be feasible to one and all.

The crew and the entire aviation team are being assorted in the best possible manner.

As per the aviation rules of this country, the pilots and the crew members are being taken from the best aviation academy in India so that there are no loopholes for regret. New pilot training institutes in India are being created with world class facilities so that we can have the best of pilots for all the aircraft.

In the 21st century, an individual has to get ample training and practical knowledge to be a part of the aviation crew. With regular changes taking place every now and then, the training is taken at regular intervals so that the members are knowledgeable enough. If you are thinking of choosing one of the aviation posts as your career, first gain a but of knowledge about the same so that you can know which can be the best designation for you.

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