In today’s competitive world, there are not many options in which you can make your career. But if you are going for an unconventional path, then aviation is also one road that you can take so that you can make a life-changing career for your life. There are some very unique reasons for choosing the perfect career for us:

The first reason for choosing any career is the interest and passion towards the specific industry.
If the scope of career is good enough, and we check the market to find out that we can soar up in this industry, then we can definitely choose for ourselves.
If the salary structure is great, then we can definitely pick that as a career option so that you can be bounded to the industry.
Even if you are thinking about choosing the career option pf aviation, then also you will have to be careful while choosing the best of the lot. This is because not all options can give you a promising scope.
Now we will be talking about the ten most amazing career opportunities in the field of aviation that you can go for.
1. Pilot- This is a very common career that comes preliminary in the mind but you can only go for that career when you have the perfect education and documents like the degree in flight school as well as an aviation degree along with pilot license. So try to grab the degree from the best pilot training institute in India.
2. Test Pilot- You might not know much of this career, but this is indeed something that you should be looking for. There is a need for test drivers so that the new engines can be tested- it is a high paying job as well!
3. Aeronautical Engineer- To grab this post, you need to have ample knowledge about planes. In this you have to design and develop an aeroplane so that the plane can work in the best possible manner.
4. Aerospace engineer- If you have ample aviation training, then you can be an aerospace engineer, whose work will be to design and develop the spacecraft, drones, satellites and so on.
5. Air Traffic Controller- Though this is rendered as a work of tension and stress, yet they have the most responsible work in cases of critical conditions.
6. Aircraft Interior Technician- The sole job of these is to monitor and supervise the electronic mechanisms of the aircrafts and being a mechanical engineer helps a lot for gaining huge earning in this field.
7. Avionics Technician- The technician is solely responsible for keeping all the electronic systems intact and to keep a check on them every now and then.
8. Flight Mechanic- If you have an aviation training FAA certification without a graduating certificate, then you can gain access to this post. Here the people who have an Airframe and Powerplant License are preferred and will get paid more.
9. Ground Crew or flight attendants- If you can get a certification from a good cabin crew training institute in India, then there can be no hindrance for you to get this post- your communication skills must be polished because English is in high demand in this industry.
10. Security- This is one of the most important roles that you have to play if you get the post of airport security. Your designation can range from on flight marshals to TSA agents.

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